History Industrial Co. dkki


Company Industry DKKI from 1372 as the only manufacturer sheathed thermocouple for temperature measurement under license MINKON Germany began its work, and after 22 years as the first and only manufacturer in Iran among manufacturers big steel and foundry industries known.

Corporate DKKI in the year 1360 (1981) first as a technical adviser and supplier of equipment for the steel industry, including Khuzestan Steel Project, began its activities in Germany. because most customers established its office in Iran.

In the year 1371 (1992) Industrial Co. DKKI (Member of MINCO Group), the country's steel industry's many problems, especially the parts supply measurement systems and instrumentation that was completely foreign-funded, After four years of planning, the first and only manufacturer in Iran and the region, for a variety of probes used in the steel industry And casting of thermocouple, samplers, oxygen probes, Sablans, carbon Cup and electrical thermocouples and related equipment and services for all industries with the requirements of instrumentation systems engineering design, manufacturing activity began with the transfer of technology from Germany.

Products Co. DKKI In the steel and foundry, in accordance with international standards such as DIN-IEC 584 and licensed by two companies, Deutsche UELCO Electronic GmbH and GmbH MINKON Sampler Technik, and in the oil and gas industry, refineries, chemicals, petrochemicals, cement, glass, ceramic tile, food and ... under license Guenther GmbH-Temperateness be produced.

Industrial companies DKKI Is proud to announce now the only manufacturer with quality assurance system ISO 9001-2000 kidney country's industry and its products to Europe, neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf exports.